Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Wisdom Tooth Extracted

Wisdom tooth are the final set of molars that appear either in the late teens or in the early twenties. To fully understand the benefits of getting the wisdom tooth extracted, you must understand the problems it may cause.

According to the dentists, if wisdom teeth appear in a deformed or misaligned way, it can have serious impacts on the gums. It may even lead to periodontal disease. Intense pain in the jaw, swelling, inflamed and bleeding gums, foul breath, and loss of gums or bones are some other side effects.

We have represented 5 reasons why you should get your wisdom tooth extracted from an experienced dentist:

Inflammation and Infection

Due to limited space and partial impactions, wisdom tooth often leads to gum inflammation. This again leads to painful gum disease and other health hazards. According to a very recent report, once inflammation sets in, it becomes very difficult to treat it. And the worst part is, it starts spreading in the surrounding areas at a rapid pace. Additionally, when a tooth becomes partially impacted, a separation between it and the gums create a breeding ground for bacteria, which increases the risk of infection to a considerable extent.

Hampers The Alignment Of The Teeth

When wisdom erupts, they try to enter an already crowded area. This leaves little or no room for the tooth to erupt in a healthy state. Gradually, they start pushing the neighboring teeth and often dislocate them from their original position. This results in misalignment of the entire set of teeth. The worst part is that it can even hamper the beauty of your smile, as well as, the previous dental works.

Damages The Surrounding Teeth

Overcrowding is a natural outcome if wisdom teeth erupt in a misaligned way. It damages the adjacent second molars by contributing to bone loss and cavities, which in the long run can lead to grave dental disorders, including TMJ. Extracting the affected tooth remains the only option in such a situation.

Cysts and Tumors

Though not common, yet it is one of the worst side effects of an impacted wisdom tooth. A severely affected wisdom tooth sometimes results in the formation of cysts and tumors in the jawbone. If left untreated, the cysts and tumors also lead to TMJ, which again would require the attention of a TMJ specialist.

Difficulty In Cleaning

If you are suffering from excruciating pain or severe complications due to the arrival of wisdom teeth, then your future dental hygiene might also be at risk. Since space is very minimal, it becomes quite painful to floss and brush properly around a wisdom tooth. Limited space and their hard to reach location also make them susceptible to the attack of plaque and cavities.

Wisdom teeth can be an asset to the teeth if they erupt in a proper alignment. But if they don’t, they can cause intense pain and worry. This is when wisdom tooth extraction becomes an absolute necessity. It can provide you with instant relief without putting you into much trouble. You can definitely opt for this procedure if you want to overcome an acute toothache.

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