Importance of Flossing

Why Flossing is Crucial

Do you often forget to floss? Find out why you might want to start remembering.

You are getting ready for bed and it hits you—you’re really sleepy. You can barely keep your eyes open, as you turn off the TV and walk zombie-like to your bathroom. The idea of picking up your toothbrush sounds akin to hiking Everest and you’re not sure you’re up for the challenge (but you do it anyway, right?). You finishing brushing your teeth but then what? Do you head right to bed or did you skip a crucial piece of the oral health puzzle? Our South Charlotte, NC, dentist, Dr. Duc Tang, thinks you may just have forgotten something very important.

Flossing: It’s a necessity. Some may even call it a necessary evil, but it’s truly the only way to get the surfaces between teeth clean. Sure, your toothbrush may be able to dislodge some food or plaque, if you’re lucky, but you don’t want to rely on that when you have a handy tool that you know will do just the trick.

Flossing doesn’t have to be a long, arduous process. In fact, you only have to do it once a day (how easy is that?). Of course, many people ask our South Charlotte, NC, general dentist what would happen if they didn’t floss their teeth regularly. Here’s the answer:

Throughout the day a sticky substance known as plaque forms along the teeth and gums. You can’t see it, but it’s there. The plaque shows up based on the foods and drinks you consume throughout the day. Plaque cannot stay on teeth and gums or it will harden into tartar, something that can wreak some serious havoc on teeth.

Okay, it probably won’t cause serious issues right away but it will lead to cavities and gum disease if you aren’t careful. Those who don’t give their smiles the proper care they need on a daily basis may experience such extensive decay that it deems a tooth irreparable. In this case, we would need to extract the tooth and then determine a suitable replacement.

But why go through exhausting, extensive and even expensive restorative dentistry when you have one tool right at your disposal, from the comfort of your home, no less? Flossing everyday can remove plaque from between teeth and along the gumline and prevent it from ever turning into tartar, which leaves you not only with fresher breath but healthier teeth and gums.

Promenade Center for Dentistry in South Charlotte, NC, wants to make sure that you have a healthy smile for life. Whether that means calling us to ask questions about flossing and other ways to care for your smile or scheduling your six-month cleanings, we are here for you.


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