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What to do when a Dental Emergency Arises?


No one would purposely plan a bad fall in order to knock out a tooth or break a number of teeth. That is absolutely ridiculous! Who would look forward to having a toothache or having one of their fillings fall out? Certainly not you! But regardless of what the case is, an emergency dentist is your go to option. You can search and locate the nearest available emergency dentist that can attend to your case. Just like accidents, dental emergencies such as tooth crack, broken tooth, tooth ache can sneak up on us at anytime – regardless of age or size.

In a case where there is no emergency dentist available, what do you do?

Just like in every other accident scene where first aid is usually the first approach, same holds true for dental emergencies. You just have to prepare for the unexpected at anytime. If there is no emergency dentist close by consider being your own emergency dentist with these few first aid tips.

Tooth Ache – You woke up all of a sudden feeling like a music band is hitting their drumstick on your teeth. It does happen – especially true for people who pay less attention to their oral health. Consider using warm water and salt to rinse your mouth, dislodging any trapped debris that may be causing the ache. You can go further to apply cold compress outside the region where you are feeling the ache.

Knocked Out Tooth – In the case of a knocked out tooth, chances are you may be able to save the tooth from being totally lost. When picking up the tooth, don’t handle the roots, be sure to stay around the crown. Rinse the tooth with water and avoid scrubbing it hard. You can try to reinsert the tooth but ensure its not being forced. If it proves difficult to insert in the socket, store the tooth in a container of milk or in between your gum and lip until you get to a dentist.

Broken/Fractured Tooth – Perhaps you crash landed and that cost you part of your tooth, endeavor to arrest the situation as quickly as possible. If there is any bleeding, rinse your mouth thoroughly with warm water and save any tooth fragments available (wrap them in a wet gauze) before you can get to a dentist. Feel free to apply cold compress over the area of the broken tooth.

Cut lip, Cheek or Tongue – Even from a fall, you can unexpectedly cut your tongue or make a terrible impact on an object that cuts your cheek. If there is swelling over the cheek, apply cold compress. If the bleeding is much, use a clean gauze or cloth to apply pressure on the area. Head on to a dentist as soon as possible.

Sadly some of these dental emergencies can simply be avoided. If you must engage in a sport competition, consider a custom made mouth guard that can help protect your teeth. If you are having tooth ache, try to pay more attention to your teeth. If you find yourself entangled with any of the aforementioned dental emergencies, take up the following measures but be sure to get to the nearest available dentist as soon as possible.


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