Suffering from TMJ pain? Some ways to Resolve it….

Have you ever suffered from facial pain? As per the experts, it could be a symptom of either Trigeminal Neuralgia or a TMJ pain!
You must be wondering why two completely different health issue has the same symptom?

Well, while there are other specific symptoms to both these conditions, a neuralgic pain originates from an affected nerve whereas a TMJ pain is essentially a joint pain.

What is TMJ pain?

TMJ stands for Temporomandibular Joint pain. The temporomandibular joint is the joint that links your jawbone and your skull. Since any localized pain or swelling leads to a TMJ syndrome, it is generally identified by the patient as facial pain. However, in case of neuralgia, it would be intermittent throbbing pain, whereas, in case of your joint pain the ache is stubborn and aggravates if you need to simply yawn or even chew upon something!

If you are experiencing similar sort of troubles, you will definitely be keen to know the causes behind your TMJ pain…

Teeth grinding (or bruxism)

is one of the primary causal factors. If you are in the unnecessary habit of clenching your teeth unconsciously, it might put a stress in the TMJ. Apart from this, events that might result in a TMJ pain are:

  • Malocclusion of your teeth structure
  • Any accidental trauma to your jaw or any other dental part
  • Inflammatory disorders such as arthritis that might affect your facial muscles.
  • Too much of gum chewing
  • Use of orthodontic braces for a long time which puts on your jawbone and areas near the skull’s joint

Did you know Bruxism could be treated with oral appliances?

Bruxism is an instinctive response by your body, especially when you stop breathing for a brief duration of time during your sleep. This interruption in breathing occurs in people suffering from sleep apnea (the snoring ones)! In sleep apnea patients, their airways face an obstruction which leads to the emission of that awful snoring sound! In response to this, the person instinctively grinds his teeth which indeed temporarily releases the obstruction. However, it not only causes damage to your teeth but also results in headaches, facial pain or TMJ syndrome.

So how is the menace dealt with?

Quite often, patients are provided with night guards to keep them from teeth grinding. But night guards again prove to be a hindrance to your airways. Therefore, it is best to treat the cause from its roots.

Oral appliance to treat sleep apnea and eliminate bruxism in the process

The oral appliance clamps to your upper and lower set of teeth. The connection between these two sets is established by a narrow piston and a tube which restricts the length up to which the jaw normally wants to intrude. Hence, just as a door stopper is used to keep a door open that otherwise tends to slam shut every time you try keeping it open, an oral appliance props open the air passage that otherwise tends to get blocked. Thus, if your airway blockage is treated, the menace of bruxism automatically recedes!

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