Root Canal Treatment

How Can Root Canal Treatment Help In Case Of Infection Or Tooth Decay

Root canal therapy, also known as Endodontics treatment, is the treatment for badly infected or decayed tooth. This treatment can be highly useful if the pulp comprising the nerves and blood vessels inside a tooth becomes damaged or infected due to the presence of bacteria. This treatment helps in removing the infected pulp and cleaning the interior portions of the teeth.

Patients often start suffering from mental agony when they hear the words “root canal”, but dentists say there is no reason to get afraid. The discomfort experienced during a root canal treatment is no more than a dental filling. However, the pain experienced by the patients prior to the root canal treatment is severe.

How root canal treatment can help if you are suffering from tooth decay or infection

Relieves From Pain And Discomfort

Dental caries, or in other words dental cavities, cause immense pain and toothache. The pain is sometimes so severe that you may have a problem with speaking, talking, eating, or even performing regular day to day activities. A root canal treatment can help clean the interior of the of the teeth and can provide you with instant relief.

Prevents Toth Loss

Dentists often perform the root canal treatment in lieu of tooth extraction. This means that rather than losing a tooth, you will be able to enjoy its function in the mouth. In a root canal treatment, the pulp tissue is removed, thereby preventing tooth loss due to an infection or decay.

Restores The Cosmetic Appearance

As discussed earlier, the root canal treatment helps prevent tooth loss. This means that this treatment restores your initial cosmetic beauty. Additionally, your teeth will look appealing and gorgeous without the presence of infection and disease-causing bacteria on your teeth.

Improves The Biting Force

The biting ability of the decayed or infectious tooth gets reduced to a considerable extent. Since the root canal treatment removes the infected pulp and cleans the interior portions of the teeth, it helps in reinstating the biting power of the teeth. In this way, you will face no problem with chewing and eating your food wherever and whenever you want.

Immense pain and toothache for a prolonged period is a clear sign of tooth decay or infection. Root canal treatment in such a condition remains the only option. Thus, if you are a resident of Charlotte, NC suffering from a similar condition, then you should waste no time in visiting Promenade Center For Dentistry.

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