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Here at Promenade Center for Dentistry. We know how disruptive and painful a toothache can be. That’s why we offer same day emergency appointments. And we’re opened Fridays, we're one of the few Charlotte Emergency Dental offices opened on Fridays.

Often toothaches should be addressed as soon as possible to prevent further complications. There really is no benefit to waiting on teeth emergencies. It can only get worse.


Frequently falls, or blunt blows to teeth can cause them to break, or can cause injury to the nerves underneath them. The implant can also cause the teeth to move, and we will need to reposition the teeth back into their place. Oftentimes, when teeth have moved or become mobile, we’ll also splint the teeth to provide stability.

The range of treatment options vary, from a simple filling, to something that can be complex as a Dental Implant.

Oftentimes if there is pain associated with the trauma, a root canal may be needed to remove the nerve tissue within the tooth to stop the pain. A crown will sometimes be recommended to replace the missing tooth structure afterwards.


Another common emergency are teeth and gum infections. For teeth, especially those that have been heavily restored, the nerves underneath them can die off, causing an infection to set in. Oftentimes, you won’t even notice it until the pain and underlying bone becomes infected. Depending on the condition of the tooth and extent of the infection.Treatment for infections can be either a Root canal, where the nerve space is disinfected with a variety of solutions. Or the tooth can be removed.

The gums can also get infected from buildup that accumulates beneath the gums. These can be particularly painful. There can be swelling around the area. Imagine getting a popcorn kernel stuck beneath the gums that you can’t remove. Another area for common gum swelling is behind those wisdom teeth. The area is tight and there’s not a lot of space for the tooth to come in all the way. Consequently the gum tissue is loose back there and things can be jammed down there. Fortunately the treatment for this is straightforward. We would clean beneath the gums in that are and rinse the pockets out thoroughly. Or in the case of wisdom teeth, we may discuss their removals.

So here at Promenade Center For Dentistry, we strive to be your Charlotte Dental Emergency office. We see emergencies same days most days. No matter how full our schedule is, we always make time in our schedule to see emergency patients. And pretty much everytime we are able to fix the esthetic problems and or get you out of pain the same day.

Whatever the emergency, give us a call and see us the same day (704) 321-0980.


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