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Dental Implants VS Dental Crowns – The Best Possible Notch

Like in every other field dental science or this particular field of treatment, also use terminologies interchangeably that might sometimes be very confusing. It is therefore crucial to draw the fine line of difference between different dental procedures – be it corrective or a restorative treatment.

This post deals in the basic differences between a Dental Implant procedure and that of Dental crowns and the differentiation is in lieu of both method of application and purpose of the procedures. When it comes to discussing restorative dental procedures, both the names – Crowns and Implants crop up. But there exists a considerable volume of variation when the two are compared – both in terms of functionality and practical mode of application!

A clear definition of both the procedures would suffice in revealing the basic differences that we are aiming to highlight:

Dental Implants:

In the event of a missing tooth, dental implants are replacements that serve the purpose of your natural tooth roots. In fact they are prosthetic roots that are placed directly into the bone. Implants being made of titanium fuses itself with the bone in the surrounding gums and thus prove to be long-lasting in nature. The implant material is highly bio compatible which is why the gum tissue regrows around the posts very quickly.

The next step involves placing the abutment. An abutment is placed on top of the implant posts such that it remains well above the gum line to support the final part of the permanent restoration – your artificial tooth (or teeth). Alternatively, Implants are also used to support a bridge, or even a full arch of your teeth (upper or lower).

Dental Crowns:

Crowns are resorted to, when there are certain damages to your existing teeth that need to be concealed and in fact protected from any further damage. This is because, any further damage could culminate to its extraction! Once the crown is put firmly into place, it turns into the new tooth (as visible from the outer side) with the nub of the original tooth lying safely inside. For example, if a tooth has undergone a root canal, after sealing the roots, a crown is placed in order to get both the look and feel of your original tooth! Other instances when a crown is resorted to are:

1. A broken or slightly chipped tooth.
2. A crack that has appeared on the surface of your tooth.
3. Large cavities for which Dental Fillings are insufficient a restoration.

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Thus, dental crowns are essentially utilized in covering a flaw associated with your existing teeth or as a following step of other procedure such as an Implant. Implants on the other hand are complete restorations that are capable of redoing a totally missing tooth. Though both Dental Crowns and Implants are custom-made restorations, the latter is a more time consuming affair than the former because of obvious reasons – the gum area that heals in order to hold the implants in place, make this restoration more permanent and long lasting in nature as compared to Dental Crowns!

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