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Dental Implant Procedure – How Does IT Work?


Seems like finally you have decided to go for a dental implant procedure hoping to fill up that unwanted gap and now you are here reading this post, hunting for information on what to expect. Well to put it in the simplest form of words, all you need to think of is just a needle, an injection, because the entire process begins just after you receive the anesthesia which takes only a few seconds! So if you have been real scared about things, don’t be as it would just be like taking a stroll in the park!

What after you receive the anesthetic?

Have you watched the episode on Mr. Bean’s visit to the dentist? I’m sure you did and if you didn’t, you should! Trust me, it will cut out the entire part of you getting scared in a jiffy…
Soon after you receive the anesthetic, you will be going through two phases.


Receiving the anesthetic – well, now you know something about that! In general, your doctor will be injecting the anesthetic on your gums near and around the place of surgery. Sometimes, if you are getting the tooth implant done by a surgeon, he/she might go on for local anesthesia.

It’s done on your gums for reaching the jaw bone underneath

This is done to make space for the implant. It’s usually a very quite process and you will hardly feel it!

The implant is then secured in the created space. Post that, a second component will be screwed to the implant itself which will stay along during the healing process.

Closing the gums
This part depends on the type of incision made. One or two stitches might be placed for closing your gums.

With the completion of the above steps, the process of your body accepting a foreign body in your mouth becomes a reality and you move a step ahead to getting a 100% satisfied smile!

Well, this isn’t the end. After all, it is easy to smile but somewhat challenging when it comes to making someone smile soulfully!


After a few months, there are few more steps which you can consider as the second phase.

Re-exposure of the implant
Here, another small incision is made at the place where the implant is placed. This is done for fitting in the second component.
Tip: This is done if during the First Phase, no second component is attached to the implant.

Placing an extension
The extension allows dentists to take an impression. It will be used to ensure a perfect fit for the NEW CROWN.

Series of appointments with the dentist
This is the most important part of the dental implant procedure. Your dentist will examine and collect impressions of your teeth and prepare working models of your mouth from it.
Purpose of taking these impressions – to ensure
1.Proper Alignment and
2.Perfect Fit

Placement of the NEW CROWN

It’s the final step where your dentist will place in the new crown. As I mentioned earlier, you will get a step ahead to getting a 100% satisfied smile; post phase two, you will already have it.

Food for thought: In some cases dentists opt for trying out new crowns on the implant before finalizing it just to make sure they have the right shape, size, fit. It wholly depends on which tooth is being restored.

To Conclude:

Now that you know the steps you will undergo, you can prepare yourself before the day you pay a visit your dentist. Also, with the completion of the implant process, you may experience minor post surgery complications which should be nothing serious as you will be ready to undertake your daily chores right from the next day!

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