Indication of Dental Emergency

These 4 Signs Can be an Indication of Dental Emergency

Ignoring an oral problem can lead to something serious. We don’t realize the severity of the problem until the condition escalates.

There are several signs of a dental emergency:

If a Filling Comes Out: This may happen if you bite on a hard food item, a filling can also fall out if a new decay has surrounded the area around it. See a dentist immediately if you run into this.

Inflamed or Red Gums: Your gums can swell or become red due to an infection or gingivitis. This happens when you don’t maintain a good oral hygiene. It can lead to periodontal disease if you don’t get it treated right now.

A Toothache: Decayed teeth or a dental abscess causes a toothache which can be unbearable and can cause discomfort while eating.

Sensitive Teeth: Your teeth could be sensitive to hot or cold beverages. Don’t ignore it when that happens, consult a dentist right away.

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