Dental Savings Plan

No Insurance? 

Our in house Dental Plan is Perfect for you. We've designed this plan with the patient in mind! With this plan, you'll be able to visit us twice annually for your cleanings (in absence of gum disease) and have any and all xrays needed at no addiitonal charge. The plan also covers an emergency visit within the year. And best of all it offfers a discount on ALL of our dental services. There are NO waiting periods, NO Deductibles and NO Maximum. Sign up today! (704) 321-0980

Membership Fees

Plan Cost
Single $299
Dual $575
Family (3) $752
Family (4) $917
Each addiitonal Child $110

Coverage Table

New Pt Exam %100
Periodic Exam %100
2 Cleanings/yr %100
Bitewings Xray %100
Addiitonal Xrays as needed %100
1 emergency exam / yr %100
Fluoride Treatment 2x year %100
Oral Cancer Screenings %100
Deep Cleanings %20


All other Treatments 

Fillings %15
Root Canals %15
Crowns %15
Veneers %15
Dentures %15
Invisalign 1000$ off

Compare Our Fees

Plan Premium Dental Savings Plan Promenade Center For Dentistry Fee Average Dental Insurance / AARP Cost
Annual Permium Single 299 n/a 480
Annual Premium Family (4) 917 n/a 1492
Deductible 0 0 50
Cleanings & exam & fluoride 2x 0 295 0

Exclusions / Limitations

  • Plan can only be used at Promenade Center For Dentistry
  • Cannot be used for referral to specialists
  • Cannot be used in conjunction with any other insurance plans or care credit
  • Patients' portion will be due at time of service
  • Plan is nonrefundable; unused benefits will not be refunded.


Sign Up Today! Call us at 704-321-0980 or email us at [email protected]


Download our savings plan brochure: Front page of brochure of savings plan

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