Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal

Root canal is a dreaded word for a lot of people. So we’ll try to clear up some misconceptions. 


The first question is when are root canals needed. Inside teeth there are nerves and sometimes through trauma, decay or leaking old restorations the nerves can become hurt. And if the trauma and or decay is great enough, the nerves will not be able to heal themselves. The pain in the tooth will become greater and greater. And if left untreated the nerve can die and an infection can set in. The infection can lead to the loss of the tooth and can even spread throughout the face, head and neck. 


A root canal is a procedure where we remove the nerve and the bacteria in the canal space of the tooth. Special tools are used to shape the canals and we use special rinses to get the canal clean. The canal is the filled with a rubber like material. A common question about root canals, is “does it hurt”. The tooth would be numbed with local anesthetic, so a lot of times, it feels just like getting a filling. It just takes a little bit longer. After the appointment the tooth can feel sore, and we generally advise our patients not to bite on the tooth too aggressively for a few days. Most of the time the pain associated with root canal treatment can be treated with ibuprofen. 


Most teeth when, root canal treated, will require a full coverage restoration. Also known as a crown. Although there are a few exceptions to the rule. A crown will protect the tooth, and keep it looking great. 


Why see us for your next root canal? We use date latest technology! Everything from the digital radiographs and the instruments that we use. We do everything we can to deliver your treatment in a comfortable and efficient manner. 


So if you’ve had a toothache or need an opinion on a hurting tooth. Give us a call before you need that root canal. But if the tooth does need the root canal, we’re here for you. Your Charlotte Dentist, Promenade Center for Dentistry (704) 321-0980


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Root Canal