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Preventative dental care is vital when it comes to a dental patient’s oral health. Keeping the teeth and gums healthy will help them to stay as healthy as possible for a lifetime. Not only do you have fresh breath, but a great smile and good health too. Our dentist in Charlotte, North Carolina, Dr. Duc Tang, can provide regular dental examinations and dental cleanings that focus on preventative care for patients of all ages.

More about Oral Hygiene and Disease Prevention

Dentist in Charlotte, NCThe health of the mouth oftentimes mimics that of the entire body. This means that disease in one part of the body can cause symptoms within the gums and teeth too. Disease in the mouth also can lead to serious health issues if left untreated. This makes having regular dental appointments even more important. Regular visits allow Dr. Tang to resolve any dental issues as fast as possible and also gives him the opportunity to assess the condition of one’s gums before periodontal/gum disease occurs. Our dentist in Charlotte can find trouble issues and offer helpful treatment options for them.

In between these visits, it is your job to keep your gums and teeth as clean and healthy as possible with oral hygiene. Brushing your teeth at least twice daily and flossing once daily (minimal) is the best routine. This process helps to remove plaque, which can cause gingivitis, gum issues, tooth decay or cavities. An anti-bacteria and cavity-fighting mouth rinse also help to prevent cavities too. For more information on oral hygiene, one of our dental hygienists can provide helpful tips on how to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Ultimately, maintaining your oral health can ensure that you are as healthy as possible overall. Our dentist in Charlotte, North Carolina, Dr. Tang, can help you achieve this goal. By maintaining a regular dental appointment schedule and by following an oral hygiene routine, you can achieve this with ease. To schedule an appointment today with Dr. Tang, call us at 704-321-0980.

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