Dental Crowns in Charlotte, NC

Crowns are a restoration that replaces most of the tooth structure. Sometimes people will refer to them as caps. Our teeth will need crowns for a multiple of reasons. Sometimes we can damage our teeth through trauma, such as banging our teeth against something hard and subsequently cracking or breaking our teeth. Or decay has damaged the tooth to a point that a filling will no longer suffice. And oftentimes when a root canal is done, the tooth is best protected with a crown. Finally, there can be esthetic reasons for restoring a tooth with a crown.



dental crowns charlotte nc

An example of an All Porcelain Crown

Materials in crowns have advanced over the years. One of the first materials was gold. An alloy with gold would be used to restore the teeth. And you’ll find these restorations to be very long lasting, gentle to the tissue and opposing teeth. With time, labs were able to start packing porcelain onto the metal. Which gave rise to the Porcelain Fused to Metal crowns. These were the most common crowns until just recently. They offered esthetics that were very close to that of natural teeth and were relatively strong. And finally we are now in an era of All Porcelain crowns. More and more practices are now prescribing all porcelain crowns, including ours. The materials in all porcelain crowns have improved dramatically in strength and esthetics.



Dental crowns charlotte nc

From left to right. 1) normal tooth 2) tooth with decay 3) after crown preparation 4) Gold Crown

When a patient comes in for a crown preparation. The first step we do is we take a preliminary impression of the tooth and select a shade. The preliminary impression will serve as a mold for the temporary tooth to be made from. Once the patient is anesthetized the tooth is prepared, by reducing the size of the tooth so that a crown can fit over it. Oftentimes there will be caries or failing restorations in the tooth, so these areas will be cleaned out. The empty spaces will then be restored with a new restoration also known as a buildup. After the preparation is all done, an impression will be taken so it can be sent to the lab to have the crown made. In the meantime, we’ll make a temporary crown to place on the tooth. At the second appointment, the temporary is removed. And the final crown is tried in. Adjustments, if needed are made. The final crown is then cemented in.

Caring for Your Crowns


Caring for the crown should be just like your other teeth. They need to be brushed and flossed. And routine checkups are a must. Patients will often ask if crowns can get cavities. Yes crowned teeth can get cavities. There’s still a tooth under the crown and at the margins of the crown, those areas are especially susceptible to caries attack. So brushing and flossing is a must, to ensure the longevity of the crown.


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