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March 28, 2017
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In many people’s minds, the words “root canal” have an instant negative connotation. Fortunately, many of the negative thoughts surrounding root canal therapy are simply myths. A root canal is an important dental procedure which, by design, actually preserves the natural structure of the tooth. Learn more about root canal therapy and what it can do for your mouth with Dr. Duc Tang at Promenade Center for Dentistry in Charlotte, NC.

Does a root canal hurt? 
The very first thing your dentist will do before beginning your root canal procedure is numb the area he will work in. This eliminates the chance that you will feel any pain during your procedure.

How can a root canal help my tooth? 
Tooth decay eats away at a tooth until it reaches the inner pulp chamber, where it infects the inner tissues and the tooth’s nerve. At this point, the only option is to extract the tooth altogether or perform a root canal to clear out the decayed tissues and fill in the tooth. Preserving the tooth’s natural structure leaves its roots intact, providing the stimulation the bone in which they lie needs to stay healthy and prevent bone atrophy. Extracting the tooth removes the roots as well, leaving a gap in your smile and affecting chewing and eating.

Do I need a root canal? 
One of the most tell-tale signs of requiring a root canal is suffering from a toothache. Many times, a sudden toothache signals that decay has reached the tooth’s nerve and began infecting the surrounding tissues. You may also need a root canal if you have a broken or damaged tooth which exposes the tooth’s nerve.

Root Canal Therapy in Charlotte, NC
According to the American Academy of Endodontics, dentists perform about 15 million root canals a year, over 41,000 a day. This tried and true method will resolve your toothache and leave you with a healthy, functional tooth for years to come. For more information on root canal therapy, please contact Dr. Duc Tang at Promenade Center for Dentistry in Charlotte, NC. Call (704) 321-0980 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Tang today!

May 23, 2016
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Wisdom Teeth

wisdom teeth, dentist charlotte, nc


At our Dentist office here in Charlotte, we’ve been getting quite a few questions as the summer approaches about wisdom teeth.


What are Wisdom Teeth?


In general, most of us are going to have all 32 of our teeth. There are exceptions where some people will have less, and some people will have more. The wisdom teeth are known as our third molars and are the furthest back tooth.


The first molars are usually called the 6 year old molars, and the second molars are the 12 year molars. They’re called this because of the approximate age that they’ll erupt. Our third molars generally will start erupting a little later, but the age varies because so many of them get stuck and never make it through. But the mid to late teens is when we’ll start to notice issues related to their eruption.


Why do third molars need to be extracted?


First lets mention that not everybody will need their third molars removed. But a vast majority of people will, for the simple fact that there is no room.


With an impacted tooth, there can be several consequences. Pain from the inflammation around the gum tissue and jaw. Erupting third molars can also cause damage to the second molars. And impacted molars can form cysts around them.


When is the best time to get them extracted?


There’s a risk benefit ratio. The earlier they are taken out the less complications one would endure. A great age is the high school years. We’ll take an x-ray to track the development and path of the third molar. If it looks like it’ll be impacted we’ll then check the root development. We like to see about â…” of the roots formed for an extraction. If not enough of the root is formed then we’ll run into problems with the tooth rolling in the socket and not being extracted as easily. If the roots are fully formed we then run into the issue of being close to the nerves of the jaw and potential root tips breaking off. But that’s not to say that we couldn’t remove the teeth at either end of the spectrum.


Come See Us at Our Charlotte dental office

I’m Dr. Duc Tang, we’re here in Charlotte. Come by our office or give us a call and we’ll set up an appointment. (704) 321-0980

May 01, 2016
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adult braces

Braces aren’t just for kids anymore. In recent years, we’ve noticed an uptick in the number of adults receiving orthodontic treatment. There are many advantages to straight teeth, less uneven wear, straighter teeth are easier to keep clean and finally esthetics.


Most adults prefer not to wear the metal wires and brackets. Fortunately we now have invisalign and other types of less visible treatment options. Invisalign has advanced to the point where we can now handle most cases using the clear aligners.


adult invisalign


Oftentimes, adults had orthodontics done as a child, but because of a combination of several things: late mandibular growth, lack of regular retainer use, accidents etc, those lower teeth commonly drift out of alignment. We call these cases, orthodontic relapse, and they are one of our favorite cases to treat.


Then there are times when we do orthodontics on adults as a way to pave the way for cosmetic treatments. When completing esthetic dentistry, orthodontics can help shift teeth into more ideal positions, which enables us to complete less invasive dentistry. It sets a foundation for a long lasting smile that will have less complications.


If straigtening your teeth is something you’d love to get done. But have been hesitant because you weren’t sure if it’s right for you. Then give us a call to set up a free consultation, or ask us about how we can help you fulfill your goals at your next dental visit.

We’re proud to offer Invisalign in our Charlotte Dental Office. Give us a call and set up an appointment today, (704) 321-0980


Duc Tang

Promenade Center For Dentistry


April 04, 2016
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relaxing dentistry

Sedation Dentistry in Charlotte

Althought a visit to the dentist may not be like a visit to the beach. We can take steps to help relieve some anxiety about your visit to our office. 

There are many avenues that people can take to be more relaxed at the dentist. Things like music, a blanket, or having us throroughly explain each step helps our patients a great bit. But when those things fail, there are other options. 

Several options exist, everything from general anesthesia to nitrous oxide. Althought we currently do not offer general anesthesia, ntirous oxide is becoming a more sought after option in our office. The advantages of ntirous oxide is that it is extremely safe. The effects are almost immediate and they dissipate almost as quick as us turning off the valves. 

All of our rooms are plumbed for the use of nitrous so it is something we can do for procedures such as Cleanings all the way to something more involved such as Root canals and extractions. 

Nitrous takes the edge off of most procedures and allows for the patient to have a more pleasant experience. Is the fear of dentistry keeping you from visiting our office? Would you like to discuss having nitrous at your next office visit? 

Give us a call to setup an appointment. (704) 321-0980

Your Dentist in Charlotte, 

Duc Tang


March 29, 2016
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welcome new team members

When calling our office you may notice someone new!

Our main receptionist Ginger, is still here and will be the go to person for account and billing information. And she also answers the phones during the week. 

We welcomed Heather here this week and she'll be here a litte bit more intermittently. She covers our phones for us on Mondays and when Ginger isn't here. She can help schedule appointments and answer questions. 

If you ever happen to catch us during lunch or the evening hours. Our calling service will pick up and they too can schedule appointments and send me a message if there's an emergency. 

Let us know if you have any questions. 

Your Dentist in Charlotte

Promenade Center For Dentistry

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